ColbyKnox – Put it In Coach – Eli Lincoln, Colby Chambers

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Eli Lincoln in a singlet!!!! Eli Lincoln has been with his college wrestling team since his Freshman year, but keeps feeling like he has hit a ceiling and can’t break through it on his own. Coach Colby Chambers is always ready and willing to put in the extra hours with certain promising young wrestlers, if and when they ask that is. Eli Lincoln has been warming up in Coach Chambers private gym when Colby drops in to check on his progress. Not realizing that just moment before he walked in the door, Eli ripped his singlet in the ass area proving that this particular singlet was no match for all that ass!!! Eli does his best to hide it from a naive Colby Chambers, but eventually he sees whats happening here- and doesn’t hesitate to take full advantage when pressed. Colby bends Eli over the punching bag and gives his students ass a nice worship session intermingles with some tasty looking rimming to get the young stud ready for Colby’s throbbing thick cock. The sexy boys wind up fucking all over the gym, making good use of not only the punching bag but eventually the weight bench as well!!!! Serving as a great place to really pump away at wrestler Eli’s plump ass cheeks, Colby takes charge and unleashes a very satisfying climax!! Enjoy!!!



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