BoyNapped – Bendy Boy Alex Is So Compliant – Alex Faux, Sebastian Kane


Obedience is something that can be taught, even if a twink is a rebellious and wild young guy. Alex is like that, he’s a smooth and horny little lad who gets around, but when Master Kane has him in the dungeon he’s the most compliant little guy. He’s soon on the dirty mattress, legs up over his head, his smooth cheeks and tight hole ready for Master to play with. His uncut cock and balls hang inches from his face once he’s tied down, he could almost suck himself. Master maneuvers the chain down, easing the cold metal into the boy’s hole. It’s a kinky thing the boy isn’t used to, but he endures it all the same, even when Master squeezes and twists his plump little balls to make him cry out. It’s not over for the twink yet, stick around for part two!