– Finn Harper, Jude Jensen

It’s perhaps no wonder that gorgeous young Finn Harper is spending time admiring himself in the mirror, we would all be doing the same if we looked like him. His adorable twinky friend Jude Jensen is paying just as much attention to the young man while he admires himself, especially when that hard uncut cock is revealed rampant and ready for some BoyFun.

Jude is on it the moment his pal meets him on the bed, wanking and sucking the generous throbber and pleasuring his buddy with his experienced mouth, his own cock springing to life and soon presented for his gorgeous friend to taste in return. Finn certainly isn’t reluctant to get his mouth around that gorgeous dick as the two boys trade blow jobs.

Their oral exchange is just the start, of course, and with a little licking of the blond boy’s tight little hole Finn is ready to give his pal more than a lick and a slurp, easing his naked erection between those pale and plump cheeks to penetrate his slippery hole in a spooning that obviously has Jude desperate for more.

The boy certainly gets more of what he craves when he hops up to impale his pucker down on that delicious dong, riding his lover slowly and letting Finn fuck him from below with slow and steady thrusts.

It’s a wonder the two fit boys have managed to hold back their cum together for so long, but with that raging dick prodding at Jude’s prostate while he lays back and wanks the spilling of seed becomes inevitable.

Jacking to climax young Jude decorates his pale stomach with his juicy goo giving Finn some more lube for his cock, is own shower of splooge raining down all over cute Jude’s face in a very sticky finish.

Perhaps Finn will be installing a mirror above the bed next, it seems appropriate.



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