– Dennis Skala, Mike Branco

Even if Dennis Skala was hoping for a little alone time in the tub he’s not complaining when his friend Mike Branco arrives to brush his teeth and catches him rubbing his big hard one in the tub. Solo BoyFun can be great, but when you have a hot young twink buddy who’s more than happy to get his mouth around your long and thick uncut cock no boy is gonna say no.

With his naked body glistening and his boner stiff and juicy blond Dennis presents himself to his lucky pal, and Mike wastes no time using his freshly scrubbed and minty mouth to service the gorgeous erection.

After naturally drying enough with his pal on his prick Dennis follows his buddy to the bedroom where he can return the favor in comfort, showing Mike that he’s just as skilled when it comes to sucking and slurping. The boys are equally endowed and equally hungry for it, too, swapping their lengths back and forth before Dennis turns his attention to his friend’s tight hole.

With the boy bent backwards and his tongue lapping the winking hole Dennis prepares his pal for his big dick, getting Mike wet and desperate for the thick tool to slide right in.

A little spooning to start eases Mike open, but the ride the boy takes on that incredible bareback shaft has his big cock rigid and desperate to unload. Mike’s pucker is so tight around that naked shaft but he can take it, laying back to let his buddy bang his butt and making his milk splash out over him.

All that’s left is for Dennis to deliver his own juicy goo, which he does in epic style, spewing his semen over Mike’s face and giving the boy a taste of his delicious ball juice.

I think we all know they probably shot more goo while cleaning up in the shower.



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