– Anibal the Athlete – Anibal Garces

Sporty boy Anibal Garces likes to stay in shape, he plays football and Rugby and goes jogging almost every morning, perhaps that’s why he’s always so horny, too. All that activity and testosterone in his body means he’s always getting hard and jacking off. We join the sexy young man after enjoying a little workout and with the football playing on the TV he’s soon imagining playing some other games with those hot players, groping his cock in his shorts and preparing for some solo BoyFun. You can imagine him in the locker room or showers with his teammates, his dick thickening up and throbbing, his pals doing the same while they secretly check out the rising erections around them. He releases his dick through the leg of his shorts and plays with his swelling length, his foreskin easing over his round tip. His smooth and athletic body is tanned from the sun, his free hand exploring himself while he wanks his dick, toying with a nipple while he massages his sexy cock. Soon he’s naked but for his long red football socks, his smooth ass up while his fingers explore his hole, caressing his smooth cheeks and playing with his pucker, lubing up and massaging his opening while he imagines those footballers on the screen ganging up to use him. A finger slips inside, fucking his tender little hole while he fantasizes about one of those players banging him, the other guys jacking off and watching the show. Laying back to stroke his meat and bring himself to a creamy finish his cum splashes from his tip to rain down over his stomach, massaging the last of his juice from his erection before heading to the showers to clean up.


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