TwinkTop – STOCKING STUFFERS – Austin L Young, Killian Knox

Austin Young is always looking for ways to help out. So when Coach Killian Knox asked him to assist in decorating the school for Christmas, the young twink was more than willing to lend a helping hand.

As they sort out the tangled Christmas lights, Austin is curious about what the team gifts might be. “Stocking stuffers?” he asks innocently. Not quite, Coach Knox says, but maybe another kind of stuffing… the kind that Austin particularly enjoys, which involves him stuffing his coach.

With a reminder to be quiet, Coach Knox quickly peels off Austin’s shirt and kisses down his hairless torso, groping his growing bulge. The slow build-up to sliding his cock into the older man’s beefy ass is one of Austin’s favorite parts of these encounters. Knowing that he will soon have the masculine man bending to his will is the ultimate turn-on!

Coach Knox soon has Austin’s dick out and in his mouth, while Austin moans above him. He doesn’t wait long to start fucking the man’s throat, a sly smile spreading across his cherubic face as he watches his coach take him balls deep. Watching Coach’s muscles flex as he kneels before him is a thrill, and Austin is soon leaking precum all over the man’s tongue.


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