TickledHard – Tyler Tickled Hard


Hunky stud Tyler is so ticklish that he starts giggling uncontrollably as Franco gets him situated face down on his table. Franco tickles Tyler’s furry butt and inner thighs, causing him to squeal and contort his huge, muscular body. Tyler laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his big feet with his fingers, beard and tongue, and he goes totally nuts when Franco flips him face up and tickles his armpits and ribs. Franco jumps back and forth between Tyler’s pits, thighs and feet, driving the muscle man wild. It’s an exhausting series of tickling sensations that only pauses when Franco swallows Tyler’s big black cock. Tyler shows his appreciation by sucking Franco in return. Franco cums all over Tyler, but Tyler just can’t cum like this. So Franco climbs back on top and wraps up the session with chest tickles.