MilitaryClassified – YOVANNI


Today I’m introducing a new recruit and in the middle of a pandemic getting new content has been a challenge but despite the roadblocks I’ve managed to bring a new Latin straight boy to the MC cameras and his name is YOVANNI. Clean cut good looks, nice smooth muscular body and an accent that is very sexy. I take this str8 married man on a blowjob excursion that leaves his speechless.
I found this boy in the internet as he was trying to make his mark in this industry and I happened to talk him into meeting me and exploring his inner sexual curiosities that he’s never really explored. Once we got past all the preliminaries he decided to meet me along with his wife and child that were staying near by the studios….boy has the world changed since I started doing this!
Once I had him in place and the cameras started rolling, Yovanni seemed relaxed as I explained how things would go and before long he was watching some pussy porn and I was taking his shoes and socks off. I immediately went to his soles and began to lick my way up to each soft and succulent toe until I had his big toe deep down my throat.
From there I made my way to his crotch and I began to take his clothes off as I stripped him down to nothing and then had a perfect view of that uncut latin sausage… or should I say chorizo! It didn’t take long before his cock was at full attention and I didn’t waste any time gobbling up that dick but went slowed down when I knew he was getting to that point.
I must have worked his cock over a good long while before i was cruising on his dick at a steady pace with my hand and mouth combo. Before long and without even as much as a warning, all of a sudden he said… “i’m about to cum” and cum he did shooting a load that even surprised him. He lay there spent like he just ran a marathon. I lead him to the shower and shot a nice scene with him cleaning himself up sensually. Enjoy!



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