MilitaryClassified – TALLON 3


TALLON is back and better than ever! This tall lanky former Marine has a size 13 shoe and I kid you not, his cock measures a healthy 9 to 10 inches beautifully cut. Today Tallon is taking on another dimension with Rob as he gets his toes licked and sucked which leads to some ass munchin’ and eventually a pounding that Rob had coming!
Tallon is getting to know Rob a little better now and is comfortable to the point where he can put his talents of the tongue to good use today. Rob started the whole thing by beginning at the very bottom of Tallon’s souls and made his way up his toes licking and sucking them one by one until he had Tallon mesmerized at the attention Rob was giving to Tallon’s feet.
Soon Rob was sucking this boy’s 9 inch verga and wasn’t stopping there. He mace his way to his balls and before long, Tallon has his hands all over Rob’s ass giving it a few slaps before Rob mounted Tallon into a 69 position and the suck fest began! Tallon wasn’t being shy about his ass munching skills and Rob was experiencing rimming that only a str8 guy can provide with all the experience they hold from eating pussy.
Soon Rob and Tallon had enough of the oral then made their way to the edge of the bed so that Tallon can stick that lengthly cock slowly up Rob’s tight brown ass. Tallon went little by little going in further and further until he was in a rhythm sliding his cock in and out of Rob’s ass.
Tallon was all about Rob’s ass and soon you could see Tallon’s cock driving in and out of Rob’s ass, incredible to see those 9 inches go in and out. Soon Tallon was at the point of no return and he needed to do something fast or he would blow his load and blow it good. I’m pretty sure he blew his load inside and out of Rob’s ass and Tallon was left spent after releasing his str8 boy load!



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