MilitaryClassified – JAGGER 2


Jagger is back and this baby faced Marine needs money asap and asked me if he could do something that paid a little bit more. I immediately took advantage of the situation to see if I could convince this Marine to bend me over and fuck some gay ass which he modestly agreed too. Today we will see this hot straight Marine put his straight cock up a guy’s ass for the first time and I caught it all on tape.
We did the usual interviewing I do before I get a scene started and what I remember most about Jagger is that this boy is constantly hard. Every time his clothes come off he ALWAYS has a hard-on even before the boxers come off. I wasted no time in getting myself situated between his legs and began nursing his nuts in my mouth making him get into a very serious mood making the room silent.
As I began to suck his cock I noticed that the more I deep throated this stud, his toes would curl and his balls would tense up to his sack so I knew he was primed and ready to get to the fucking. I put the condom on Jagger and he kept his focus on the porn away from me as I positioned myself to sit on his dick reverse cowgirl style and as you’ll notice, he glanced over at my ass to cop a look. Jagger’s cock was pointed straight up in the air and I went from bouncing and riding his cock to instructing him to begin fucking from the seated position which he did driving him crazy.
Next I stood him up and I bent over the bench in a doggy style position and he started fucking me like he was fucking pussy. He grabbed my waist and starting giving it to me good and I could see that he was beginning to get pretty relaxed in fuck mode. This Marine’s cock was so hard that it wouldn’t even bend and when he drove it in my ass it would not bend or move in any direction making it feel like he was shoving a lead pipe up my ass. I couldn’t handle much of that any longer so I sat him back down and decided to finish him off with my talented mouth and tongue.
Jagger was looking more and more dazed and confused as he sat there wondering how in the hell I was making his cock feel so good. I deep throated his cock incessantly and began stroking it as I sucked the tip and I knew he was close. Suddenly he grabbed the sheets on the bed with his hands making a fist and closing his eyes as he delivered a load that was truly award winning! Check it out!


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