IslandStuds – Super Furry 9″ Business Man Benjamin

Horse Hung BusinessMan Benjamin is a super classy, handsome All – American Hunk with a natural hairy bodybuilder body, furry solid pecs, hairy legs, arms and 8-pack ab muscles, big furry tan muscle butt, a 9″ Anaconda cock, who poses & flexes his bulging biceps in his Office clothes and super tight grey underwear that can barely contain his big muscle butt, jerks his throbbing 9″ cock while wearing a Hawaiian Lei and sweating while working out with weights, bends over to hump and big blue exercise ball with his throbbing 9″ boner, exposes his very hairy manhole several times, takes a long piss in a bucket outdoors “hands free” while flexing, sits in a chair by the forest, jerking off, while manhandling his hairy heavy ball sack, shoots a thick creamy load of jizz all over his hands as cum oozing down his long 9″ shaft, before taking sexy shower, soaping up his entire body and scrubbing his feet clean, for the very first time on camera in this Exclusive New video from Island Studs. Benjamin, a personable yet serious BusinessMan who brokers sales of Private Jets to Billionaires in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, contacted Island Studs for a photo shoot so he could have photos and a video of his body for him and his wife to enjoy! “My Wife is a fan of the site and she wanted to see me on it…. I’ve got to keep Her happy,” he states with a smile. He came over for this photo and video shoot, dressed to kill, wearing Cufflinks on his dress shirt, during his lunch break from the office, pre-Covid. This super ripped All – American Hunk, 31 year old muscle god, 6′ and 205 lbs of solid muscle, is part Spanish, Italian, German, and Russian! Imagine 9″ hung muscle stud, Benjamin in his business suit with his cock out, negotiating the sale of a private jet to businessmen in the Middle East! Feast your eyes on Big Dick Benjamin’s amazing hairy Muscle Butt as he moons the camera wearing only his ultra-tight grey underwear with his dress slacks pulled down to his knees and still wearing his black tipped toe dress shoes! Watch as Benjamin turns to the camera and strokes his big beautiful 9″ Anaconda cock to a full erection still partially clothed! With a sexy smile, he playfully pulls on his hard cock and big ball sack. Benjamin has an amazing body and he knows it. Check out his super hairy pecs and abs as he flexes his arms while wearing a floral Hawaiian Lei with his boner throbbing between his powerful furry footballer thighs. Fully naked and rock hard, Benjamin takes us through a full gym workout routine! Take off your clothes now and join him! Listen to his response when I ask him: When he learned he had an unusually LONG SNAKE like cock and IF he has ever measured his Long 9 inches! Away from the office, Benjamin works out several times a week, plays football and basketball with friends and goes Yoga as well. The camera moves around his hairy, rock hard sweaty body and his big athletic ass as he performs a whole workout routine with gym weights fully naked and hard. What an All – American BusinessMan Muscle Stroking Fantasy! The muscles on his thick arms and strong upper back bulge as he lifts the weights and sweats. Watch as he playfully, rubs his throbbing 9″ cock with the barbell as he lifts the heavy weight up to his pecs – all caught on video! Check out his big cock and balls as this dangle between is furry muscle butt as he bends over doing chest presses. His very hairy Man Hole opens and closes as he performs nude. “I like working out naked,” he states, “this is my first time and it feels great!” Horny Benjamin sits down on a large Exercise Ball to stroke his cock and grope his big hairy ball sack with pleasure. Fully hard, Handsome Benjamin kneels on the wooden deck, presses his throbbing cock against the rubber ball and begins to fuck it! Watch as his furry ass cheeks open again as he humps the ball with his muscle butt in the air! Check out his tight hairy manhole fully exposed to the camera! Ass lovers will appreciate Benjamin’s tan muscle butt photographed from every possible angle. He is the perfect open minded American Business Executive: flawless hairy body, big 9″ Anaconda cock, huge pecs, killer biceps & ripped 8 pack abs. After his sweaty nudist muscle pumping workout session Brooding Benjamin sits fully naked on a chair outside and lubes up his thick cock for a lengthy hardcore JO session! This hung Hunky Muscle Jock manhandles his big balls, while edging that Massive Man Meat. It is so sexy to watch a REAL Ripped Professional BusinessMan please himself in this private way on camera for the first time. This is the very first time Benjamin has masturbated on Camera! His wife is going to LOVE this new Video! Listen to this hung Stud moan loudly and cover his hands and cock with jizz! Don’t miss the original photos I took of Benjamin, exhausted and spent, as he stands before the cameras, oozing and leaking cum onto the desk between his bare feet! Benjamin’s sexy, shower scene is a MUST SEE! His thick, 9” Donkey Dong bounces around his hairy legs as he soaps up his throbber and thick athletic MAN Body. Watch as he soaps up his RED HOT cock and hairy ass crack to remove all the cum. Seeing Benjamin’s super hairy business man body, covered in soapy, warm water is a treat! He meticulously takes time to soap up both of his feet to clean them for his office socks and shoes. Wow! If you have ever wanted to see a real hairy, Business man – a broker for Private Jet Sales – Jerking his impressive 9″ cock outdoors, Benjamin is your Man! – He is the newest addition to the full line of Real Professional Business on Island Studs, stripping off their office clothes to jerk off! on camera! JOIN Island Studs TODAY! Instant Access to Unlimited Streaming and Downloads Now!


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