Helix Studios – Red Hot Festivities Part 3: Santa’s Gift – Daryl Briggs, Sly Conan, Tommy Ameal

The Christmas season in the Southern Hemisphere is very hot, and Sly, Tommy and Daryl enjoy their fully assembled Christmas tree and presents underneath, have fun and everything gets very hot. They lick their erect members and Sly, who is the most active, proposes to be the alpha male of the situation. Then Tommy and Daryl agree to all of their requests.

Tommy is penetrated by Daryl as Sly orders, but then Sly joins a train of penetrations from behind. Then Daryl sits on Tommy’s erect penis, while Sly puts his erect member in their mouths. Then again Sly decides to penetrate Daryl. Finally Sly and Daryl throw their semen into Tommy’s mouth and his member explodes on his body as well. A Christmas masterpiece with all the ingredients that will leave all the spectators very hot.



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