TwinkTop – AUSTIN YOUNG TOPS COACH LANDON – Freestyle – Myles Landon, Austin L Young

Coach Myles Landon has seen a lot of players over the years, but none of them have gotten him as excited as Austin Young. The young man is a genuinely skilled athlete, and his hairless body and taut muscles are mesmerizing. During practice, Coach Landon can barely stop staring at him, and when he walks into Austin’s bedroom, he finds the younger man shirtless on his bed.

That’s all the invitation Coach Landon needs to worship this perfect twink body. Making guttural noises deep in his throat as he rubs his hands over Austin’s milky white skin, he can’t get close enough to the younger man.

Austin simply lies back and lets himself be worshipped. He knows that he’s irresistible to horny older men like Coach Landon, and truthfully, he bones up every time he catches the old man staring at him in public, trying to hide his hardon. Now he’s more than happy to let Coach Landon get his fill.

Austin whimpers as Coach Landon rims his boy hole, and he moans as the older man teases him with just the tip of his dick. But then Austin has an idea.



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