MilitaryClassified – ORIGINAL MOVIE – ALONZO 2


Hey Guess who’s back! Alonzo has been really deadset on making as much money as he can and today I’ve managed to talk him into fucking a guy in the ass for the first time in his life. He’s pretty open minded as most guys are from Southern California and Alonzo is no different. His body is ripped, his face is adorable, his cock.. the perfect size which he proved to me when he bent me over and fucked my little brown ass silly!
Alonzo is a horny mother fucker! He really is. I’ve never met anyone as horny as this guy, he constantly talks about sex and pussy. He has a girlfriend but he definitely likes to take full advantage of his sexual drive and fuck anything that moves basically. We got started filming and I began to probe him about anal and whether he’s tried it before and he told me that he’s tried it twice in his life.
He knew we were going to take him to a place he’d never been before today so he was little nervous but when we got started shooting he relaxed on my bench, got butt naked, spread his legs and arms wide open and I knelt down in front of him and began what turned out to be the fuck he’d remember. I got his rock hard almost instantly and with the porn playing in the background, Alonzo was getting primed and ready to fuck.
Literally as I continued sucking his cock and with it still in my mouth, I started taking off my clothes so I could keep the rhythm going for Alonzo. Next I put the condom on his rock hard dick and then slowly maneuvered my way on top of his cock with my ass and slid down nice and easy on his hard cock. I slowly began to go in and out of his ass with my cock and I began to hear some moaning now as Alonzo now began to start thrusting with his hips shoving his cock deeper in my ass. As I bounced up and down he began to push in and out of my ass really driving the point home to me which made me feel that dick way up inside of me.
Finally we landed in the doggiestyle position which Alonzo took to like a duck to water. He grabbed my hips and began to pump my ass nice and hard now. His balls bounced all around as he pounded slapping my ass as he drove it deeper. This boy could have fucked forever in a day and I definitely would have been walking funny for a week if I let him but I eventually got back down on my knees and sucked this boy to a nut that he will not soon forget. A GREAT video!



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