MilitaryClassified – JOSEF


Today I’m introducing a new recruit to the line-up and his name is JOSEF and this strapping Marine hails from back east and is out in California making his mark and getting as much Latina ass as he can. Today I’ve managed to convince JOSEF to let me suck his cock and what a cock it is! Watch as I slowly and methodically break down this Marine and make him unload his massive load all over my feet.. yes.. my feet… foot fetish exclusive!
When Josef and I met, I was very impressed with his quiet and polite demeanor and couldn’t want to get him undressed and uncomfortable in front of the cameras. He admitted he was nervous to begin with but I always try and relax the guys with a little smoke or drink and that usually does the trick but in this instance, Josef was a very straight and conservative Marine and didn’t do anything like that.
Once I got this boy naked and in front of me, I began to work immediately on his balls first and then worked my way up to that beautiful shaft attached to the nicest mushroom head of a cock. A beauty from top to bottom. I slowly made my way to a hard on and I could tell that Josef was a little nervous because he was so clued into the porn that he literally was avoiding my eyes at all cost as I began to make his cock grow.
Soon I had this boy in complete hard on and I swear this thing is rather large and thick which is a dangerous combination but thank god he wasn’t fucking me today! His quiet demeanor definitely hid his emotions but as I began to increase the speed of my attack I began to see him sweat a little knowing that despite the anxiety, he was working his way to a nut. I must have sucked this boy for days (check out Rob’s cut) and I knew that sometimes, although rare, can hit a wall which he did and I let him take over.
I wanted to make the nut shot as interesting as possible since I wasn’t able to get him off with my mouth so I instructed him to let me know when he’s close and I didn’t tell him I was going to put my feet out in front of his cock and have him blow his 22 year old load on my feet and that’s exactly what he did! This boy blew a load and a a half! It was humungous and I only wished I had my mouth there.


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