MilitaryClassified – CASH & DILLINGER

Today I’ve paired up the match of the century! CASH and DILLINGER meet and the sparks fly or should I say the Jizz flies everywhere! Watch as I sit behind the cameras on this one but catch the banter back and forth on the Rob’s cut to all the hot and steamy gay for pay sex between these two. DILLINGER blows his load on CASH but not before CASH delivers not one but two loads for the camera! This scene is rated steamy and HOT!
I figured putting these two together might bring out the personalities and CASH did not disappoint. Now DILLINGER is newer to the industry and was a little reserved with that “straight nervousness” that they usually have when they are in a slightly uncomfortable situation like this but Dillinger was a great sport about it and really warmed up to Cash’s antics and fun!
Once I got the clothes off CASH was up first to go down on Dillinger and I have to say Cash has turned into quite the cock sucker because he was able to take Dillinger balls deep with no problem. Dillinger tried his best to make the BJ incidental but his face told the truth and he tried to conceal it at time with his hand over his face at time.
Once Cash sat down on that monster, it was all she wrote. Now Cash has come along way in the industry and has become quite the bottom. There is nothing sexier than a masculine bottom who can perform both ends of the spectrum. Dillinger was rock hard the whole time so I knew he was enjoying the attention although he tried to make seem like he didn’t.
The fucking went crazy and finally Dillinger missionary fuck brought Cash to his knees with a load that went all over his chest but Dillinger responded by delivering his man seed all over Cash’s pretty feet. Yep! Check this out because it was so hot for Cash that he busted a second nut and that was all she wrote! Enjoy this one cause it is hot and steamy!


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