TickledHard – Seamus’ Tickle Torture


Former Army guy Seamus slips off his shirt, pants and underwear and lies face down on the tickling table in nothing but his boots. Franco tickles Seamus on his inner thighs while his cute, naked butt waggles back and forth. Gasping for breath between explosive, gravelly laughs, Seamus’ face turns bright red during his tickle punishment. Seamus’ reaction is so strong that Franco continues tickling him in the same area, wrecking his upper inner thighs and tickling his furry taint. When Franco moves up to Seamus’ armpits, he really loses it, laughing hysterically and unable to breathe. This is tickle torture at its best! Seamus even bites down on the table when the tickling becomes too intense. Halfway through, Franco takes Seamus’ boots off, flips him over and begins tickling his size 9 feet through his black socks. Socked tickling is fun, but Franco turns up the intensity by cutting Seamus’ socks open and exposing his bare feet. He tickles Seamus along his toe mound and soles with his fingers and a bristly cleaning brush. And when Franco tickles Seamus’ abdomen, he nearly brings the straight guy to tears. Suddenly, Franco goes down on Seamus’ cock and balls, giving him a very different sensation. He jacks Seamus’ hard dick and fingers his hole until Seamus’ muscular legs tense and he shoots a huge load. A final torture of Seamus’ sensitive cock and tickle on the abdomen and exhausted, sweaty Seamus is done.