MilitaryClassified – TJ & AMON


Today I’ve put together a duo that I was surprised at how well the shoot turned out. Not because I didn’t think it would be a successful scene but because the bromance I think was underneath the surface and AMON’s curiosity towards TJ was more than apparent. Watch as these two straight guys, yes straight guys, interact in a very sexually compatible way making this scene one of my favorites for this year as these two face each other! I got it all on tape!
When these two met, I wasn’t sure how things were going to pan out but once the two began talking, I could see that AMON was especially interested in TJ.. not in the OMG you’re so hot way but in a very precarious way. Amon went out of his way to accommodate TJ and his eyes and hands seemed to be directed at TJ’s face and body. Once the clothes came off, that notion kicked into high gear and I even make a reference to it in the “rob’s cut” version.
I wanted TJ to completely submit to AMON and that’s just what happened as at first they were playing with each other’s cock but then all of a sudden TJ reach over, leaned in, and began sucking Amon’s cock and I could see that Amon was in bliss. TJ is married with child but he’s has this curiosity about being a bottom that has driven him to return time and time again. TJ sucked Amon’s cock for a good 10 minutes before I had to peel him off to move to the next scene.
TJ got on his hands and knees at the edge of the bed and Amon came at him from behind and began to slowly work his cock into TJ’s ass. TJ impressed me because he’s been lovin’ bottoming and today was no exception as. Amon began to slowly work that cock into a fast and steady pace that was making TJ moan louder and louder and the speed increased. No sooner did AMON get into high gear that TJ was ready to bust and sure enough nut #1.
After a break, Amon went in again and this time sped up the fucking and was drilling him to high heaven in the same position and once again… TJ busted again and that was nut #2. TJ kept at it though and wanted to see this scene to the end and continued getting pounded only this time from the missionary position and fucked him to high heaven before Amon pulled out and blew his load all over TJ’s ass! Incredibly hot!


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