CockyBoys – Avery Jones & Aiden Ward heat up the screen!


Avery Jones returns to CockyBoys after a long, pandemic-determined hiatus from sex and filming to take on Aiden Ward! But both guys are so ready to go that just being next to each gets them going. Aiden gets hard almost right away and after a little making out, Avery takes out that big dick to suck it like a long lost friend.

As Avery insatiably enjoys sucking his shaft and big balls, Aiden’s fingers get busy playing with Avery’s twitching hole. Aiden soon wants to give pleasure too and props up Avery’s butt to bury his mouth and tongue in his hole. In the middle of this he gets Avery’s hole primed by probing it with several fingers before bending him to spit- lube him more.

This time Aiden fucks him deep and Avery moans with pleasure, taking every inch in every way he gets pounded. Still Aiden’s mouth wants more of Avery’s hole and he pivots him over the edge of the bed to rim him. After turning Avery around to rim him more Aiden has him in position to give him a deep-drilling pile-driver. He only stops to suck Avery and eat his owned ass more.

Aiden impales Avery relentlessly in a variety of positions with total abandon. BUT, he takes Avery on top of the bed to plow him from the side and it isn’t long before Aiden excitedly pulls out to shoot over his hole. While he’s still hard Aiden slides back into Avery on his back, making him cum too. Aiden pulls out and within seconds blows a SECOND load! He nudges that jizz into Avery with his swollen head. See what a break from filming can do?



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