– My Morning Routine – Pavel Sora, Tom Malone


What would your perfect wake-up call be? How does fucking your stepson sound? Tom is laying down in bed, in his full pajamas, when his stepdad Pavel comes in for their usual morning wake-up visit. In this case, that means Pavel joining Tom on the bed, pulling down his pajama pants, and taking his young cock down his throat. Pavel takes his boy into his mouth and works his dick until it stands up at attention. Now its Tom’s turn to get his day started by licking on Pavel’s beautiful daddy dick, working on the head and shaft before swallowing as much cock as possible. Pavel loves to hold his boy’s head in place as he pumps his face before he puts him on his knees and pops his dick in his tight hole. Tom loves to feel his stepdad inside of him first thing in the morning. He takes off his pajama top, lays on his side, and gives his entire body to Pavel. Pavel pumps Tom good and then puts him on his back so they can fuck some more before they both finish off on Toms’s belly.



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