– Is This What You Want? – John Barber, Gregor Gilead

Gregor has a secret and his stepdad, John, confronts him about it. Gregor has been exploring his sexuality with the help of a dildo. John found it while in his bedroom and asks Gregor about it. Greg is very embarrassed, but John is more interested in making sure he knows the real from the fake. While sitting on the couch, John unzips his pants, pulls out his cock, and allows Gregor to see how similar his dick is to the dildo. “This or this”, he asks before throwing the dildo on the floor and placing Gregor’s hand on his semi-hard cock. He strokes the thick cock, but deep down he wants more. John senses this, grabs the back of Gregor’s neck, and pulls his head down to suck on his dick. He can not wait to taste a real piece of meat in his mouth and opens wide as he begins to suck and stroke on his stepdad’s dick. Soon it’s John’s turn to give his young stepson’s cock a lick. John, loving the sensation, puts his head back and enjoys his first blowjob, but is ready for more and lays next to his stepdad. John gently slides his cock inside his boy’s ass, but, within seconds, is fucking him like a man, while Gregor strokes himself and plays with his nips. Gregor then sits on top of his stepdad and takes the real thing for a ride. He shows John what he has been practicing, but soon, with Gregor on his back, it is time for the final exam. John fucks Gregor till his young cock shoots then follow’s right behind with a load on his boy’s belly. I think Gregor’s secret is safe.



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