SouthernStrokes – Our Playground – Curtis Cameron, Robbie Dane


Cutting class is a right of passage when you are a rebel teen. So is fucking your best friend up the ass.Curtis and Robbie are doing what young men do. Cutting class, smoking cigs, and fucking each other out at the old Mill. Robbie starts it off by pulling down Curtis’s pants, grabbing his beautiful cock, and getting it wet with his hot mouth. He then gets on his knees to get Curtis’s cock really hard by working the shaft and balls with his tongue before taking it down his throat. Curtis loves Robbie’s mouth but soon takes a turn sucking on his friends pretty cock before laying him down on a wall, with his legs up, and fucking his ass deep. Curtis chokes him a little to let him know who is boss and Robbie loves it, giving his hole up to Curtis as he strokes his stiff cock while being filled up. Curtis then bends Robbie face down over the wall and continues to punish his ass, before putting him back on his back and fucking him till Robbie comes all over his bottom boy tummy. Curtis then pulls out and shoots his wad all over Robbie’s sloppy hole. To be young again!