JasonSparksLive – Brogan Reed, Koda Gold

As soon as Jason hits the record button, Koda and Brogan get right to business! Their lips lock as their bodies touch, teasing each other until their cocks are bursting out of their underwear. Koda isn’t shy about pulling Brogan’s meat out and swallowing it down, salivating over his heavy low-hangers and hard shaft…

Brogan puts Koda on his back as the fresh meat holds his legs up, offering up his hole for the horny top to work over. Prying his tongue and fingers inside, Brogan can tell that Koda is hungry to be filled with everything he’s got! Bending him over, Brogan slides his bare cock up inside his guts, fucking him hard as Koda begs for more.

Koda’s cock bounces up and down as Brogan goes in deeper, pounding his prostate hard with his thick, alpha shaft. Koda’s limits are tested as Brogan picks up speed, sending his bottom over the edge. As pre-cum leaks from his cock, Koda gets closer and closer to climax until the big man pounds it out of him, leaving his abs covered in his white, glistening jizz!



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