FrenchTwinks – Flashback Corentin’s 18 Birthday – Corentin Tessier, Raphael Andrioli, Jules Laroche, Mael Dumas


Corentin Tessier and Maël Dumas browse their photo album with nostalgia and when they come across a snapshot taken on Corentin’s 18th birthday, they remember this unforgettable moment with a certain excitement and lead you into a torrid flashback.

Find out how young Corentin’s birthday party turned into a hot orgy in which the cock hits and tongue licks make the four handsome twinks moan, scream and cum.

After having sucked cock copiously and eaten ass, Jules who will start by fucking Corentin while Maël is pounding Raphaël with energy. The fucking session is intense, the partners exchange and the two bottoms grit their teeth to withstand the assaults of Jules and Maël who are truly unleashed.

To keep an unforgettable memory of his coming of age, Corentin is going to be sprayed with the sperm of his friends and it’s his head covered in juice that he will finally explode with pleasure.