– Any Excuse – Cris Denny, Jack Flynn

What motivates you to get out of bed?It’s Jack’s first day back to school after a summer of working long hours, and the last thing he wants to do is get out of bed. Luckily his stepdad Cris comes in with a little morning motivation to get his day started. Cris hops into bed with Jack and lets him snuggle into his chest like a child into a pillow. They then hold and caress each other’s bodies until Cris rolls Jack over and helps him take his shirt off. Jack then gets up on top of his daddy, straddles his waist, and kisses him deep as Cris squeezes his boy’s ass. Jack then gets off, removes Cris’s shorts, and takes his daddy’s thick dick down his throat. Cris then returns the love by sucking on Jack’s delicious boy cock before putting him on his belly and licking on his pretty hole. Cris then pulls Jack back onto his dick and fucks his boy good, which drives Jack crazy. He continues to fuck him on his side and back before giving Jack a huge morning facial and sending him off to school.



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