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Coach Landon was still getting his bearings around the facilities when he spotted Cole, Marcus, and Austin exercising outside of the gym. The three young studs were finishing a run, their chests glistening with sweat as they slowed down to drink some water. He couldn’t help but notice their cocks bulging in their shorts, held tightly in place by their jockstraps. He knew what a tight ass looked like in those elastic straps, and there before him was a trio of studs in perfect shape!

He had yet to meet them or see what they were capable of, so he walked over to introduce himself, trying to hide his own growing arousal. The three boys saw the older man approaching them, compelling them to show off their bodies a little more by stretching and flexing.

It was apparent their displays were working as they could see the semi-hard cock of their new coach move with each step he took…


SCALLYGUY Fan Special 40% OFF SCALLYGUY Fan Special

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