RawRods – REPAIR MAN – Impulse & Tastee


Rock and his lova Tastee be chillin, but the damn mafuckin TV ain’t workin. So Rock got some bizniz to take care off cuz Rock always busy as shit man ya heard. So on his way out the TV guy comes in and he’s got a tight ass body. Tastee don’t care bout no Rock and just wants to fuck. So TV guy Impulse gets naked and fucks Tastee’s face, eats his ass and shoots his raw pipe right into that tight lil bubble butt. Tastee eats that shit right up and Impulse just keeps bangin on. Impulse pulls out just in time to nut right onto Tastee’s lips and mouth and then Rock busts in back to the room all like wtf is goin on up in dis joint? Shit, can’t truss noone dese days…

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