JasonSparksLive – Riley Ross & Spencer Daley in Atlanta Chapter 3


Riley’s tan, furry chest presses up against Spencer’s smooth, milky body as they embrace each other and kiss passionately. Their tongues dance around, exciting each other as their cocks swell up between them. The horny jocks love when they have the opportunity to get naked and get off on each other, and we’re lucky enough to see it all play it out…

Spencer’s thick cock fills Riley’s mouth as the scruffy stud swallows him down. The hard shaft of his strawberry blonde partner pulses as he works it over from balls to tip, leaking pre-cum for Riley to gulp down. Spencer returns the favor, opening his mouth for Riley to fuck deep, relaxing his throat as the sexy young man fucks his face.

Riley’s need to breed takes over when he gets his tongue on Spender’s hole, feeling the smooth cheeks of the muscular bottom against his closely cropped beard. Spencer moans in anticipation, knowing the hardcore ass pounding he’s about to receive from his hot top. And as soon as Riley slides his thick, veiny cock into Spencer’s hole, the eager bottom gives him total control of his ass, dicking it deep until he blows his load inside!



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