– Like What You See Boy – Bruno Turbo, Lucian Fair

Have you ever caught someone spying on you in the shower? What if it was your sexy stepson? Lucian’s mom is at work and his stepdad Bruno is in the shower. He’d often fantasize about what his stepdad looked like naked, and since he was hard just thinking about it, he figured this might be a good time to find out. He slowly creeps down the hallway towards the bathroom, with its door fully open, and watches Bruno rinsing off his hairy muscles. He creeps closer to get a better look, but Bruno catches him. He quickly runs away to his bedroom. Bruno finishes in the shower, wraps himself in a towel, and heads to Lucian’s room. "Still like it?", Bruno says as he drops the towel. With a smile on his face, Lucian nods his head as Bruno joins Lucian on the bed. After a little kissing, Lucian drops his mouth right to Bruno’s dick as he lays back. He can’t wait to taste his stepdads cock. He takes as much of it as he can. Bruno loves feeding his boy but has other things in mind for their limited time together. After eating Lucian’s tight, beautiful hole he slips his hard cock in with just a little spit and takes his boy’s hole for a ride. They continue fucking, sucking, and sweating all over the bed until Lucian blows his creamy load with his daddy still inside of him. Bruno continues to fuck his boy until he pulls out, shoots his load, and stuffs it back in to finish off inside Lucian.



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