BlakeMason – Bob Makes Reece Squirt Big – Bob Steel, Reece Gray


It always works out well when we get two naturally horny boys together for a good fuck. Both Reece and Bob had arrived ready to hook up, having not had sex or jacked off for a week. They were ready to go and from the moment their lips met we knew it was gonna be good. Their cocks are soon out for sucking, those delicious uncut cocks released from tight undies to be licked and slurped. Bob takes the first chance he gets to sink his dick between those arse cheeks, fucking Reece from behind and above then bringing him up for a great ride. By the time these boys are laying back and wanking off their loads are thick and heavy, but the sight of Reece splashing out such a big mess over himself can only get bob joining in within moments! Once again, we’re pretty sure these boys will be meeting up again off camera, and who could blame them?