Str8Hell – Stefan Vrbic – HOT ASS

Stefan Vrbic looks so good as he leans on the massage table, dressed only in his underwear. He has his cock out too and is wanking it as he feels his chest. The cock is hard in his hand as he wanks it. He leans back and lays on the table with his legs up which exposes his hot ass and the tight hole. A helping hand arrives too and soon removes the jockstrap to leave Stefan fully naked. That tight hole looks so inviting as oily hands run over it. Stefan’s balls are oiled too and the hands coat the entire ass in the grease. Stefan’s cock is wanked by the hands as his hole is teased with a finger. That finger begins to push inside the hot hole and then goes in deep as Stefan begins to moan. The tight hole is finger-fucked so deep. The finger comes out and a thumb pushes all the way inside the hole and starts to fuck. Stefan’s dick is pulled up and wanked hard again too. As that big cock is wanked two fingers press against the hot hole. They slip inside, stretching the hole wide, and start to fuck hard. The fingers fuck in time with the hand wanking on Stefan’s rock hard cock. Stefan holds his legs up as the hole takes the two fingers so well. The fingers come out and rub all over that bulbous cockhead. The balls are rubbed too and the wanking of the big cock continues as the fingers slip back into that hot ass hole. Stefan rubs his chest as he enjoys the action his ass it getting. As the hands leave the ass alone Stefan reaches down to rub all over. The a dildo appears and is pushed into the hole as Stefan wanks his cock. That dildo fucks the hole opening it up so good. The hot ass gets that dildo all the way inside as Stefan keeps wanking. The toy fucks hard into the ass hole and is then pulled out and is soon replaced by a finger again. Then the finger comes out and the cheeks are spread wide so the hole can be examined. Stefan moves onto his knees and presents his hot ass for more action. Oil is dripped all over that sexy ass and rubbed in. The cheeks are given a spank or two as well and then Stefan’s dick is wanked between his thighs. But that ass needs more and two fingers fuck deep inside as the big dick is wanked. A nice fat vibrator appears and is rubbed over that hot hole and on the cock too. The it pushes into the eager ass hole fucking in and pulling out again, repeatedly. Then it fucks hard and fast in the hole as Stefan takes it so well. He turns over onto his back and his cock is wanked hard as the hole is fingered again. The wanking continues when the finger is pulled out of Stefan’s hole. Soon the hot cum spurts from the his stiff cock. The cock is milked dry and Stefan’s balls are rubbed before a finger pushes back into the hole for a little extra fucking, with two fingers pounding the hole before coming out to allow the hole to be inspected.



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