BoyNapped – Alex Knight, Ashton Bradley – Part 3


If there’s one boy you don’t want to have total control of your cock and balls it’s probably Ashton. Or maybe you do after you see the way he punishes sexy little Alex? After being made to cum by Master Kane while tightly wrapped in plastic the twink is freed from his difficult position, but Ashton is no hero. In no time at all he has the twink tied up tight again, his cock and balls bound by string, a pinwheel rolling painfully over his taught scrotum and swelling cock! Ashton delights in causing dick pain, making the boy cry out with the spanks and slaps of on his tight nuts and his red cock head. The poor boy can’t cum again so soon, but that won’t stop Ashton from wanking him off and making his dick swell painfully! The boy is relieved when he’s finally left alone, but for how long for this time?



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