TwinkTop – TOP TRAINING – Cole Blue, Dolf Dietrich


Cole couldn’t wait to spend more time with Trainer Dolf. The handsome man was not only stunningly good looking and fit, but he had an amazing ass that Cole was eager to breed! As soon as he walked into the room, his cock was rock hard inside his pants. And seeing Dolf’s warm smile greeting made him all the more aroused…

Dolf was quick to take off Cole’s clothes. The beautiful young man had a perfectly toned body to match his sweet, boyish face. His long, lean muscles were truly a gift for the eyes. But nothing was more perfect to him than his thick, meaty shaft. Taking it into his mouth, Dolf worshiped the young man’s cock, watching how his heavy nuts perfectly held it up and in place, presented for him to devour.

Cole watched as the tattooed daddy swallowed his big cock down. His throat was so tight and velvety smooth that he could have lost his nut right there, but Dolf knew how to pace himself.



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