TwinkTop – TOP INSTRUCTION – Lukas Stone, Coach Savage


Dallas Steele can see a lot of himself in Lukas. The younger guy has a flirty confidence that makes him seem bigger than his stature would indicate. And while he doesn’t have well-developed muscles like Steele, he walks with a big dick energy that makes men of all shapes and sizes swoon! Dallas wants to see him fully realize his sexual potential, so he invited the boy over for a little one on one instruction…

Lukas was rock hard the moment the two started undressing, groping each other’s athletic bodies and seeing more of their bare flesh. Lukas admired Dallas’ impressive muscle daddy physique, lusting after him ever since they first met. Everything from his icy blue eyes to his masculine musk drove him wild!

Lukas typically acted as a top with his peers, but Dallas realized that it’s important for him to know what it’s like to be a bottom as well.


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