RawRods – CUM INSIDE – RR Vic Valentino & Xavier Rich

Vic & Xavier have been friends since they first met in college years ago. Xavier had always secretly been interested in Vic, but Vic had always been in a relationship. It just so happened that a mutual friend of the both of them was celebrating a milestone birthday & had invited them both to come celebrate. During conversation at the party Xavier overheard Vic saying he was single again after so long and he immediately began devising a plan. Xavier pretended to be too drunk to drive and Vic offered for him to crash at his hotel for the night to sober up. Once they arrived the two began conversing about the old days and Xavier told Vic about his secret lust. Next thing you know Vic says “well lust no more”. Xavier wastes no time and dives right in. Vic gives him what he had been wanting so bad for all those years. Xavier finally got the dick!!!!

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