MilitaryClassified – KENTON 12

Today I’m bringing back an old favorite KENTON! You haven’t seen him in a while solo and today he’s come back and taken on Rob head on BUT there is a twist… Rob takes on KENTON as well. Today watch as Kenton and Rob come together in a flip fuck that involved toe sucking, cock sucking and taking turns until the end when Kenton delivers the load Rob has been waiting for all over his ass!!
KENTON jumped at the chance at returning because, well, he likes making money like any straight guy I suppose but I think he kind of enjoys what he does as well. When I proposed the flip fuck he jumped at the chance and when the cameras began to roll, he fell right into place and I got down to the business at hand. Kenton was on the bed watching some porn when I entered the room and knelt down at the foot of the bed in front of his feet.
I took his shoes off, and began to sniff his socks and that lead to taking them off and the show started.. Once the socks were off the sucking began and I worked his toes and souls and he actually enjoyed it. Next I got naked and made my way to his cock. Now Kenton thought he enjoyed the foot job but the blow job was even better. I jumped on the bed and on my knees began to suck Kenton’s cock that was already at rock hard status.
At the same time he began to play with my ass which then lead to me sitting on his face as we 69’d to the point that my dick got hard and I needed to do something with it. I raised Kenton’s legs in the air and took him from behind and then the fucking got started. I took a good long while giving my 7 inch brown dick up his white ass and It was tight and warm.. yum yum.
Next, Kenton had enough of this receiving shit and took me from behind in the doggie style position and that was all she wrote. Kenton turned into a true porn star and got into the hang of fucking me so much so that he almost thought it was a girl the way he handled my hips. Soon he was getting close to the end and he warned me before he pulled out at the very last second dripping cum all over my ass cream pied and wet.



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