MilitaryClassified – BOE 3


Today I’m bringing back a new favorite and the attention he’s getting is no surprise but today I’ve managed to turn this blowjob into something special because not only does it involve sucking cock but also some good old fashioned ass eating and foot worshipping. Watch as I lick this boy clean in just about every crevice on him and I caught it all on tape!
When Boe was ready for today’s scene, he was dressed in some black shorts and a red t-shirt with some black sneakers and looking every bit of jock that he could. He oozed with sex appeal and his body was really something to behold. Everything down to the toes on his feet were perfect and I made sure I took advantage of it.
Once the cameras started rolling, I was off and running and began by sucking his cock and getting him butt naked on the bed and getting my hands all over that smooth muscular body. Soon I was sucking his cock and his dick was off and running with rock hard status. No sooner did we get started sucking cock that I took Boe to the edge of the bed and made him expose that beautiful ass of his to me so I can eat that baby.. that’s exactly what I did!
Boe really enjoyed the ass rimming because the expressions on his face were priceless and i don’t think he’s had it done to him very often because he went off the deep end loving my tongue on his ass. The ass eating lead to the finale blowjob and it couldn’t have gone any smoother as I now had one goal in mind and that’s to get this boy to nut and nut hard!
The looks on Boe’s face were just riveting He really got into what he was doing and you can tell that he was feeling everything and his body showed it. I could feel that he was drawing near to his nut because he was literally bracing himself for the blast! I milked that suck dry, drip dry i’d say and Boe was a happy camper!