– Shampoo Bottle Challenge – Zilv & Rourke

Dominant top Zilv is poised to set a record in the shampoo bottle challenge when playful twink Rourke runs up behind him and yanks down his boxer-briefs, sending the bottle delicately balanced on his huge bulge crashing to the floor. Zilv puts the cute brat up against the wall, vowing to teach him a lesson! That’s just what Rourke wanted, because he hungrily swallows Zilv’s hard cock, then bends over the sink and pushes his ass out, teasing the dom with the sight as Zilv fingers his hole before fucking him doggystyle. In the bedroom, Zilv eats the bottom’s ass and pounds him on the bed, then Rourke worships the top’s cock, balls, and asshole before the horny pair cums together.
4 June