ManUpFilms – Humiliated by Mason and Alex – Mason Lear, Alex Hawk


This scene was directed by Brian Bonds who happened to be quarantined with his fiancé, Mason Lear and their roommate, Alex Hawk. He wrote it and filmed it, then sent it to me to edit. I think he did pretty awesome for winging it from home 🙂 Let me know what you think of his work!

Mason Lear and Alex Hawk were driving around, looking for a place to pull over and fuck and they happened to pull up right in front of you. They didn’t see you at first. When they see you staring into their car, they immediately humiliate you for being a tiny dick pervert while they play around in front of you in public.
Lot’s of small penis humiliation, some body shaming, some armpit worship, some jerk off instruction.



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