– BOY COLE Chapter 6: The Prize – Cole Blue, Dolf Dietrich

I get the best! It’s not bragging, just a fact. I work hard, I have high standards, and I only accept the best that life has to offer. And why should I settle for less? When you look like me and have what I have, the world has a way of bending to my will, so I expect a lot…

I have to say, Cole did not disappoint me! With his handsome looks, beautiful body, big cock and perfect ass, he was a prize I was happy to claim. Not only did he present a perfect package, but he was keenly aware of what I expected from him.

I did not have to stress that he was my property or that I owned and commanded him, but I did enjoy telling him. As I spoke the words, “I own you,” I could see his eyes light up with understanding and submission. And just as he came alive, so did my cock!

Watching him fold my clothes and care for my suit like it was more valuable than himself, I found myself becoming almost dizzy with power. Here he was, my property, my object, my slave; to do with how I pleased, without concern for his desires or fears.



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