TwinkTop – NEW RECRUIT – Lukas Stone, Coach Savage

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Coach Savage sees a lot of promise in Lukas. The young stud is handsome, confident, athletic, and has a great cock! Savage has seen he can play well on a team, but he wants to see how he does one on one…

The older man calls the boy in for a little friendly meeting, hoping to see first hand just how he handles himself on his own. Lukas is happy to get the silver daddy alone! After all, he’s always had a thing for a man with a whistle! And seeing him in his shorts and polo, Lukas can’t help but be horned up for some hot coach action.

The two take off their clothes, kissing each other’s muscular bodies. Savage loves the boy’s soft, smooth skin, kissing down his abs one muscle at a time.

Lukas licks the older man’s nipples, watching him tremble and quake in response. He knows the hot coach is wired up and horny for his meat, making him all the more excited!



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