TwinkTop – NEW RECRUIT – Cole Blue, Dani Robles


Agent Robles knows talent when he sees it. And Cole is an absolute catch! The handsome, fit young man is eager as hell to show what he’s got and wants to impress the older man. Cole has shown he can be a team player, but Robles wants to see all he can offer.

Cole comes prepared with his resume and stats, but it is clear that Robles prefers a more hands-on evaluation. Robles runs a hand up Cole’s back, feeling the length and strength of his spine. The boy’s neck stands erect, arching as if in offering. Robles leans in and kisses him, smelling his youthful, masculine musk as he comes close…

Cole can’t help but close his eyes and moan, completely enamored with the handsome recruiter.

His cock swells hard in his shorts, pleased that he can not only use his best assets, but also knowing that he can have a little fun!


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