RawFuckBoys – Brogan Reed, Kayden Pierce


Brogan and Kayden are insatiable as they heat up their St. Louis room! As Kayden wraps his arms around Brogan’s thick, muscular arms, he can feel his strength and power pulse inside his biceps. Brogan’s broad chest caresses against Kayden’s own as they kiss, making him all the more excited to strip off his shorts to get a look at the rest of him!

Brogan can feel Kayden’s hard cock brush up against him, prompting his hungry mouth to drop down on it as he swallows it whole! Kayden moans as Brogan bobs up and down on his meat, using the long, wet strokes of his hand as he gets it hard and wet. Brogan loves the way he feels between his lips, he can’t help but be curious to taste him all over…

The beefy muscle stud bends Kayden over, giving him the full force of his hard cock between his cheeks! Kayden can barely keep himself in place as the alpha’s rough fucking rocks him back and forth, moaning into the bed as he takes each hard thrust! Brogan loves dominating Kayden’s hole, rewarding the bottom with his raw, hard cock and an ass full of his load!



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