GuyBone – Mason Lear & Brian Bonds Flip Raw 2

One year ago, BRIAN & MASON FLIP RAW premiered and became an instant favorite. Now, they’re back for another hit. Hairier, hornier, and holed up at home during the COVID-19 quarantine, Brian and Mason were awesome enough to film some homemade porn for GuyBone. Alex Hawk manned the camera and Micah Martinez snapped the still photos. All together, they created a safe, smart, sexy sequel with equal.

Chilling on the couch in gym shorts, the guys looked comfy and hot as fuck. Brian grabbed his trusty bong and took a hit. Mason was busy playing his video game. Their chemistry was as arousing as it was entertaining, between not-so-subtle flirts and hilarious bodily commentary. They traded tools and Brian advanced in the game while Mason ripped from the bong. Within moments, every gamer stoner fantasy I’d ever had came to fruition as Mason retrieved Brian’s dick from his shorts and began blowing him.

Having swapped one pipe for a potentially better one, Mason sucked Brian’s schlong like the pro he is. They continued taking hits as Brian bent over to slob Mason’s knob. Fuck, watching them suck shaft on that sofa was perfect. Their feel good weed mixed with their feel great oral and the pair was in heaven. Mason went down on Brian again, both their cocks raging hard. Their beards were bushier than I’d ever seen and it was seriously my favorite look on them. Scruffy, sexy, masculine, brut, sheltering in place was 100% working for these two.

They slid into a scintillating 69 on the ottoman, Mason face fucking Brian on his back. Brian gurgled down that girthy dick and Mason worshipped his partner’s balls and veiny shaft. They were quick to scurry to the bed, realizing what they really wanted, needed right then was a good, hard flip fucking. Mason flopped on the bed and Brian climbed on top of him. They kissed passionately, their sparks continuing to fly. Brian nestled Mason’s steel cock inside his warm ass and proceeded to ride him raw.



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