GrowlBoys – Earning My Stripes – Legrand Wolf, Daniel Stripes


The Stripes series finds Daniel relentlessly searching for the man he once saw in the Adonis Fit showers. The vision of his bone-colored horned and intense sexuality keeps him distracted from all else that happens in the gym. Even as other men try to get his attention, he can’t stop himself from keeping his eyes open for satyr’s return!

Tired and defeated, Daniel gives up on his hunt, realizing the toll it has taken on him mentally and physically. In an attempt to refocus his efforts, Daniel takes some time off from the gym, only returning when he’s cleared the thoughts of the satyr from his mind.

When he returns, he becomes acquainted with a handsome, tall man named Legrand who assists him in his workout. The two form a powerful connection, leading the young man to invite him back to his place for some hot bareback fucking.

Daniel has no idea that the handsome man has a secret of his own, unknowingly bringing him even closer to his goal of finding the mysterious horned man from the showers!



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