FrenchDudes – A Good Training Session – Sasha Poliakoff, Malik TN


Malik TN is a sports coach. Today he is waiting for his client, Sasha Poliakoff, who is late for his first day, it is starting well … Finally Sasha arrives, Malik asks him to start the exercises immediately to make up for the lost time. Sasha begins his workout with pumps then abs and back to the pumps.

Sasha quickly notices that Malik’s shorts are very tight, so he asks him if they are hard. No answer. Malik notices the same thing in Sasha and points out to him that he has a nice jockstrap! Sasha takes advantage of the position of his coach who presents a beautiful bump to lower the shorts and begins to suck this huge cock with a mushroom glans. Malik fingers his ass and licks the puck to prepare the small hole then fucks Sasha with passion and energy.