TwinkTop – TOP TRYOUT – Tom Bentley, Dolf Dietrich


Tom couldn’t contain his excitement. The idea of spending some one-on-one time with Trainer Dietrich was almost too much for him to bear. After all, he’d fantasized about him for so long! The tall, tattooed man was the perfect blend of a rough exterior with a teddy bear heart. Not to mention he was almost 6’5”!

Tom jerked off on countless nights imagining seeing the daddy bent over with his ass pouring out of his tight jockstrap. He’d seen glimpses in the past, but never had the chance to get an up close look. But he knew his moment had come and was eager to make it happen…

Sitting in Dolf’s room, he waited patiently for the older man to finish his work, feeling his cock swelling in his shorts with each beat of his heart.

He was antsy to take off the big man’s clothes and feel his body.



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