TwinkTop – Top Training – Jonathan F Maze, Dallas Steele


Steele loved seeing Felix get bold and frisky, taking liberties with the bigger, older man and asserting his own dominance. He wanted to celebrate his good looks, his beautiful, lean body, and feel his vitality and youthful energy fuck his ass deep.

As soon as they reconnected, the older man took Felix’s cock into his mouth, feeling it pulse with intense heat against his tongue. He could feel it swell between his lips, building up the energy for deep drilling. With the boy’s cock glistening with his saliva, the young man had all he needed to penetrate his director’s hole!

Director Steele got on his back, stretching his long legs apart to serve up his ass like a prize. He was so turned on by his young top, he felt his hole pucker up and ready itself for the deep dicking to come.

Felix slid his bare cock between Steele’s cheeks, pressing the tip of his member against his hot sphincter. With a gentle push, he found himself once again engulfed by his handsome daddy’s hungry hole, thrusting himself faster and faster as he milked his meat.


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