TwinkTop – TOP TRAINING – Dolf Dietrich, Austin L Young


Austin has always been on the smaller side, but that’s never kept him from trying to accomplish his physical goals! Even on his team, his diminutive stature has only made him work harder and longer to be better. This drive is something that his trainer, Mr. Dietrich, was able to spot the moment he saw him in action.

The little guy’s passion and enthusiasm was hard to resist, compelling the older man to take an interest in the shorter, slimmer jock. Trainer Dietrich is constantly working with young men to help them reach their potential, but in Austin, he saw a lot more than just a strong team player.

Throughout the course of their exercises, Trainer Dietrich would keep an eye on Austin, watching how his lean muscles worked and how his body moved.

His cute little butt would certainly draw him in, but his swinging bulge would always distract from his work.



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