SouthernStrokes – Again & Again – Beno Eker, Jack Flynn


Jack Flynn and his teammates have won yet another match. That means it’s time for Beno Eker to suck Jack’s dick… again. But Jack’s got a better idea. He shoves Jack’s face down into his crotch, and the handsome twink doesn’t even flinch. To tell the truth, though, if Beno shoved your face down into his crotch for you to suck him off, would you complain? We didn’t think so. Jack gets to work, taking as much of his buddy’s cock as he can while he jerks off. Eventually, Beno returns the favor, but before long, Jack is back on his knees. After slobbering all over his buddy’s tool, Jack gives up his ass to Beno, who fucks like a machine! The hung twink stretches Jack open and stuffs him full of dick. And after barebacking Jack, after fucking the cum out of him, Beno keeps on going until he’s ready to blow. Now, neither one of them can hardly wait until the next match!